Sustainable development

Let's think about the planet!

Let us save the planet

Aware of the need to preserve our planet for future generations, the Domaine de Roullet has chosen to engage in a sustainable development approach.

Our environmental policy

In order to limit the impacts for future generations, our establishment has decided to act at its level. The objectives of our environmental policy are to engage the entire team in sustainable operation and management. We strongly encourage the purchase of local products. We have rigorous monitoring of consumption, since 2019 we have been able to reduce electricity consumption with, among other things, the use of low-consumption LED bulbs, the renovation of the hotel or the installation of reversible air conditioners.

Our engagements

Among the various action plans put in place, the Domaine de Roullet is committed to: Permanent staff awareness of eco-gestures and management of cleaning products and waste

Ensure greater comfort and well-being:

  • Use of as many hotel eco-labeled cleaning products as possible
  • 100% non-smoking

Act to preserve the environment and natural resources:

  • Waste separation
  • Detailed monitoring of consumption (water, electricity, etc.)
  • Encouragement to reasoned washing of bath linen
  • Window insulation redone
  • Low-consumption electronic equipment
  • Complete renovation of the hotel for better insulation
  • Connected air conditioning

Valuing the local environment:

  • Limitation of packaging
  • Breakfast buffet with fresh and seasonal products

The water

Water is a precious resource. Consume it in moderation!
If you stay several days in our establishment, ask that we do not replace your bath towels and sheets daily in order to save water, detergent and electricity. If you put the towels on the floor we will change them automatically, if you leave them hanging we will not replace the towels.


Energy is not an unlimited resource. Remember to turn off the lights and the TV standby when you leave your room as well as close the windows when using the air conditioning or heating.


For your travels, we recommend an alternative mode of transport to the car. For short distances, walking is an ideal way to better appreciate the landscapes! To preserve the planet, use means of transport with low environmental impact!